You Missed a Spot: 5 Overlooked, Dirty Areas in Your Home

Keeping your home clean is essential to ensure it’s a healthy environment for you and your family; that’s why most take the effort to sweep away dust bunnies, scrub off stains, and keep surfaces free from icky grime. Unfortunately, even deep spring cleaning sessions can leave dander, soot, and other bacteria hiding in your abode’s nooks and crannies. 

Even when you clean daily, these overlooked spots often house dirty little secrets, most of which are the reasons that prevent your home from feeling completely clean and fresh. If you’re wondering which are the dirtiest spots in your living space that slip under your radar, the list below should point your mop, broom, and other cleaning tools in the right direction: 

1. Air Vents

Spending the whole day cleaning every inch of your home is not an easy task, but if you still feel something crummy beneath the unsullied surface, then you may have dirty air vents. When your ventilation system collects dust, it can blow out all the dander and lower your indoor air quality. 

2. Baseboards

Mopping, wiping, and keeping the floors clean is a must since it will impact your home’s comfort, style, and functionality, but the baseboards often take the backseat. That’s why cleaning high-traffic areas in your home can still have a lingering, dirty feeling since most forget to remove all the dust, dirt, and dander collecting on your baseboards. 

3. Ceiling Fans

Just like your air vents, your ceiling fans can quickly accumulate layers of dust that can lower your indoor air quality. Letting the ceiling fan go untouched by your cleaning supplies can increase your chances of triggering allergic reactions when breathing in the lost dust. 

4. Underside of Refrigerators, Washing Machines, and Dryers

Wiping down the outer surfaces of massive appliances like your refrigerator, washing machine, or dryer is a normal part of most people’s cleaning routine, but if you look at their underbelly, they often hide the nastiest things. 

Food particles, dead insects, dirt, dust, and other forms of grime can pool under these heavy appliances. This breeding ground for bacteria can often go unnoticed, especially since moving these massive appliances requires back-breaking effort. 

The Bottom Line: Hiring Professional Cleaning Services Yields Better and Longer-Lasting Results

Your daily cleaning spree can get rid of the surface grime and dust bunnies hiding on easy-to-reach corners, but as mentioned above, there are areas in your home that are too hard to clean on your own. 

Ensuring everything is well-sanitized, disinfected, and free from filth is a chore that not many homeowners have the time to accomplish, so when your schedule is too tight, it’s best to leave the dirty work to the hands of professional cleaners. 

Are You Looking for Housekeepers in Perth, Australia?

Beyond keeping your space spick-and-span from floor-to-ceiling, Alex’s House Cleaning offers high-quality, green cleaning services that guarantee to keep your environment healthy in more ways than one. 

We take pride in providing the best housekeeping services to our clients at an affordable cost, so get in touch with us for your cleaning needs and see how we can keep your space spotless today! 

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5 Practical Benefits of Cleaning Your Home Regularly

The importance of having a clean home has been taught to us since we were children. However, the benefits of regularly cleaning haven’t always been apparent to everyone. Here are some of the common benefits of regularly cleaning your home and why they’re essential in the first place.


Studies have shown that staying in a clean and tidy environment can foster a productive mindset. The fact that everything is organised and dust-free in your home seems like incentive enough for you to do an excellent job while working, especially if you’re working from home. At the very least, it helps you concentrate better as you’re not easily distracted by any clutter around you.

Piece of Mind

Modern life can be stressful, to say the least, with a lot of stressors and pressure from work, at home, and even in your social life. Having a home that’s always clean is just one less thing to be stressed about. If you want to leave all the chaos at work and just relax at home, it’s easier to do that when you’re living in a clean and uncluttered home. Generally, it’s just easier to achieve a sense of calm and comfort this way. 

Sense of Accomplishment

Who doesn’t want to cross to keep their to-do list balanced by crossing off items regularly? Cleaning your home regularly lets you cross off some of those items without exerting too much effort. In fact, it’s one of the most satisfying ways to earn a sense of accomplishment because you’ll see tangible results after just a few minutes of cleaning. After finishing all your chores, you can just sit down, relax, and admire whatever you’ve accomplished.

Cleaning Will Be Easier

Instead of looking up some spring cleaning tips and doing general cleaning of the entire house a few times a year, it’s better to do a little bit of cleaning regularly. Performing general cleaning is a great way to declutter the house, but you’re just letting weeks or even month’s worth of cleaning pile up unnecessarily. In the end, it’s just too much effort to be packed in a day or two. But if you do regular cleaning, all you need to do is a little sweeping, wiping off surfaces, and rearranging a few items every few days or weeks. That way, you don’t pile up all the work and try to tackle everything in one fell swoop.

Avoid Allergies and Sickness

Probably one of the most important benefits of maintaining a clean home is to prevent the spread of diseases and allergens in your house. Dust, mites, pet dander, mildew, and other allergens tend to build up in your house over time, which can cause a lot of health complications and possibly even disease. If you want to avoid that from happening, don’t let dust and allergens build up in your home and do some regular cleaning.


It’s clear enough to see that regularly cleaning has a lot of convincing benefits compared to cleaning occasionally. However, if you still think cleaning can be quite a drag, you can always call a company that provides house cleaning services and let them do all the work for you.

Alex’s House Cleaning Service is your go-to provider of residential cleaning services at affordable prices. Our cleaners only use high quality, natural, cruelty-free cleaning products whenever working on your property. We offer weekly and fortnightly cleaning for our Tapping, WA clients. Contact us whenever you need reliable and affordable house cleaning services.

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4 Reasons to Clean Your Home More During Winter

Now that we’re fully in the throes of winter, you’re probably spending most of your time bundled up and staying warm. With fewer hours of daylight and colder temperatures, it’s hard to get the motivation to stay productive, especially when doing household chores and cleaning up. 

Even though most people designate spring for decluttering and cleaning, it’s equally important to tidy up during the winter season as well. Since it’s much colder outside, you’re more likely to keep your windows closed the entire time while keeping your central heating on, creating a favourable environment for germs, dust mites, and bugs. It can also lead to poor ventilation, which often results in mould and mildew. By cleaning your home often during the winter, you can prevent these scenarios. Here are four reasons to invest in home cleaning during the winter:

1. It Stops Condensation From Forming

One of the most common issues Australians face during the winter is condensation, which often leads to mould and mildew in the home. Condensation happens when warm air touches a cool surface, which is why it happens so often during the winter. The consistent use of central heating coupled with daily activities like showering and cooking will generate even more warm air to go around your home, resulting in condensation on your walls, windows, and ceilings.

To avoid condensation, you should keep your home well-ventilated by opening some windows for a brief period each day. Doing this will allow fresh air to circulate in your home, preventing a damp environment for mould and mildew to thrive.

2. It Keeps Your Windows Clean

Having professional cleaning services scrub your home during the winter months ensures that your windows remain clean and dust-free. They often tend to be obscured with dust and dirt during the winter months, filtering more sunlight and preventing you from absorbing as much warmth as possible from the limited sun. Your home will be fresh and bright when professional cleaners are on top of your windows and keep them clean.

3. It Prevents Grime Buildup in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms often need extra attention during the winter months, as a drop in temperature often leads to longer, hotter showers and baths. While doing this is a great way to keep warm and comfortable, it also means that there’s more condensation in your bathroom, leading to a grime buildup. By having a home cleaning service take care of this area for you, your bathroom will be sparkling clean all winter long.

4. It Helps You Declutter

Even though spring is a few months away, it’s always a good idea to do a sweep of your belongings and declutter. Doing so will not only clear your home of things you no longer need or use, but it will also make your home easier to clean since there are fewer sources of dust and allergens to accumulate. These pollutants can easily contribute to poor ventilation, making you and your household sick. You’ll also have fewer belongings to worry about, reducing worries about misplacing items.


It’s always important to clean your home, and it can be tempting to put this on the back burner during the winter. However, by hiring cleaning services to do this for you, you can stay warm and cosy while enjoying a spotless house.

Alex’s House Cleaning Service offers various cleaning services such as bond cleans, office cleaning, and house cleaning to ensure your space is as clean and germ-free as possible. We use only high-quality, natural, and cruelty-free cleaning products to clear your home of harmful organisms without compromising your health. Get in touch with me today to enjoy a clean house!

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Do You Know the Dirtiest Items in Your Home?

You may be religiously cleaning your house, but are you sure you didn’t miss a spot? Every area of the house needs different cleaning. For example, we use brushes in the bathroom and vacuum in the living room. But what about the parts we overlooked? The small everyday items found in each area, like, say, the cabinet pulls and the light switch?

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly overlooked areas in a home that are the dirtiest and requires attention, and here they are:

1. Counter Tops, Kitchen Tools, and Small Appliances

Your kitchen goes through a lot of heat, moisture, and bacteria daily, which means that it needs regular cleaning. In addition, food like raw meat and unwashed vegetables and fruits could foster bacterial growth, leading to harmful diseases. 

While most of the items above are consciously cleaned, you might have unknowingly transferred these bacteria to other surfaces, such as countertops and appliance handles. To prevent sickness to you and your family, be attentive to these areas the next time you’re cleaning in your kitchen: countertops, sinks, refrigerators, kitchen tools, appliances, and cabinets. 

2. Light Switches, Doorknobs, and Faucet Handles

The bathroom is the area of the house that fosters the most bacteria after each use. While you may surely clean the sink and the toilet seat, you may be overlooking your faucet, doorknob, and light switch. To prevent bacteria growth from these areas, use disposable disinfecting wipes for cleaning every day. 

In addition, bathroom sinks must also be cleaned with wipes daily, while toothbrush holders and cups must be cleaned weekly. The wall near toilets must be disinfected. And lastly, your bath towels and mats must be washed in hot water and dried once a week, while your hand towels must be changed every two days or, when necessary,

3. Head Phones, Keyboards, and Cell Phones

The area where your family most commonly gathers, i.e., the living room or the game room, is a place for dirt to accumulate. The remote control, tablets, earbuds, keyboards, and headphones are regularly touched by everyone, but are their hands clean? What about your phone? Do you disinfect it at least once a day?

Use a disinfectant wipe that is safe for electronics when cleaning your gadgets. Especially when someone is sick or has a cold, these electronics must be disinfected after each use. In addition, furniture upholstery or fabric exposed to dirty hands, pet hair, and sneezes can foster bacteria growth for days. 

4. Pillows, Mattresses, and Bedspreads

Beds are where we begin and end the day and perform in-between activities daily. These can range from sleeping, socializing, working, and eating, and so they can harbor a lot of bacteria, insects, and mites. You can develop different diseases from the bacteria on your bed, including skin irritation and acne breakout. That makes it all the more important to clean them when you can.

Change your bed linens weekly and wash them properly. If your sheets smell stale after cleaning, that means there is still body oil and soil in the fabric fibers. Pillows and mattresses must be placed in removable and allergy-proof covers to avoid dust mites from feeding on the skin cells that we shed.


Cleaning your house but overlooking these critical areas may still result in bacteria growth that you can pass from these dirty items to other areas of your home. That is why it is essential to pay attention to everyday things that we use but forget to clean.

Another way of ensuring that your house is clean from top to bottom is by hiring professional cleaning services that won’t overlook these dirty areas. Alex’s House Cleaning Service offers deep cleaning services in Perth, Western Australia, and the nearby regions. At reasonable prices, we can guarantee a house that looks and smells clean. Get in touch with us today to hear about our packages! 

Why Hire Professional Cleaning Services for Your Home

If you’re a homeowner, you know the challenges of running a household. You need to keep your house clean and tidy, work a regular job, and take care of a family, not to mention pursue your hobbies and passions! Unfortunately, it can be too much for some people, so many homeowners often sacrifice one of these. In some households, hobbies take a backseat, while in others, people are used to having some clutter around.

However, even a little cleaning is better than nothing! Health is our most important asset, and if you let your home get dirty and grimy, you expose yourself to allergens and bacteria. If everyone in your home is too tired to clean the house, it’s good to consider residential cleaning services. Here are the first things to note when considering hiring a professional cleaner.

The Number of People in Your Home

Smaller households are easier to keep clean. If there aren’t many people in the house, there is less foot traffic. A home with young kids tends to be messier since many things are going on. Whether it’s toys and books, sports uniforms, or school projects, more household members (especially young ones) means larger messes. If you have one or two people in the home, you could probably get by—otherwise, hire someone for a weekly deep clean!

Your Home Hygiene Practices

While it’s true that there’s no place like home, you still need to clean and disinfect it properly. Household surfaces like tables and countertops and frequently-touched areas like doorknobs and light switches need frequent disinfection with EPA-approved products.

Germs lie dormant in many areas of a home, like bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Few people take the time to sanitise these areas regularly—if your schedule is constantly packed with work and personal responsibilities, you need professional house cleaning. It is crucial during a global pandemic like COVID-19 to keep your home safe and hygienic.

How Often You Go For Deep Cleaning

Besides regular cleaning, all homes need an annual deep clean. If you skipped spring cleaning this year or in other years in the past, now’s the time to get started. However, deep cleaning is time-consuming, and it can be tedious if you’re not the type to enjoy sorting items and storing them. 

If this sounds like you, an experienced housekeeper will help tremendously. Cleaning companies typically send out personnel with the best tools and products to make the deep cleaning process efficient and effective.

The Mental Space Clutter Takes Up For You

For many people, a cluttered and dirty home is a trigger for demotivation and anxiety. If you have an untidy home, you might not feel like doing much—in numerous studies, researchers see a correlation between stress and the state of a person’s surroundings. 

If you can’t concentrate on work or your studies, you might need to clean your home. With a professional cleaner, you take a load off your head and concentrate on your job or personal responsibilities.

How Often You Can Have A Cleaner Over

Home cleaners range from highly affordable to very expensive—you need to consider your budget and how often you need a cleaner to come over. Note that typically, a company offering lower-priced services provide less satisfactory results. They also tend to hire unscreened cleaners. If you are on a tight budget, you can get an affordable service on a priority basis and pay an hourly fee to meet your cleaning needs.


Hiring a professional cleaner offers many perks. When you get a professional cleaning service, you give your family more time to pursue things that matter to you. Whether it is advancing in your career, taking care of your family, or pursuing your hobbies, getting a cleaning service frees you up for the essential things in life.

Trust Alex’s House Cleaning Services to keep your home tidy. We provide eco-friendly residential cleaning services in Perth and surrounding areas, offering one-off and regular cleans at unbeatable rates. Contact us today for enquiries!