DoTerra Oils

My story begins with my cleaning business in 2018. My good friend introduced me to DoTerra Oils and now there is no going back….

DoTerra Oils have amazing attributes, not only as a cleaner but many health and well being benefits too.


I have suffered from anxiety for most of my life and one of the biggest benefits for me is how the oils improve my quality of life and help me to relax and feel less tense.

DoTerra products are high quality, cruelty free, not tested on animals and are primarily vegan.

I love using these products because I know I can trust them. I am not putting my health at risk or my customers by using inferior products and the company has fantastic values.

DoTerra also give back with monthly promotions and free products. Over time their products become cheaper.

Why use DoTerra






ORDERING OPTIONS:  You can purchase the oils at retail prices, but most people choose to become a wholesale customer which gives you 25% off prices. You can hop online whenever you choose to re-order.

**Please note with this membership there is absolutely no obligation to buy again, resell or anything like that!

With the wholesale customer option you have 2 choices:

1) Pay the $35 membership fee and select your oils or

2) Get one of the starter kits and the membership fee is waived!

The most popular starter kit is the Home Essentials Kit which has the 10 starter oils in full 15ml size (except Ice Blue which is 5ml) plus a diffuser.

Alex Doterra 2

The Essential Collection Kit is the same as the Home Essentials Kit available in a 5ml size for every budget with an optional diffuser added for $58 if you like.


We also have the amazing Nature’s Solutions/Ultimate Starter Kit for those looking at starting with more than just the starter oils at a large saving.

Alex doterra

The Mood Kit pictured below is for those looking at oil options for anxious feelings, sleep or stressed or sad feelings.

Alex doterra 1

There is also a special Starter Oils + Moods ($298) pack for those looking for a bit of everything.

All of my new members get an awesome welcome pack personally sent from me as well with recipes, resources and goodies including a 5ml Wild Orange to start you on your journey.

**Our membership gives you 25% off retail purchases with no obligation to order or resell.

I do a lot of my support online and have a private members only group so it doesn’t matter where you are based!

Head to my website:
Select Join + Save
Choose your Country
Select Local (OTG) order
Select Wholesale Customer
Enter Your Details

It is that Easy!!!


Please make sure under Enroller ID it  is 7227337  then select:

“Essential Collection Smart n Sassy $174” or

“Home Essential Kit $330” or

“Natures Solutions Kit/Ultimate Starter Kit $635” or

“Oil Sharing Kit “1,390”

If you prefer not to get a kit and select your own oils you can select the $35 membership fee and just add whatever you like in the additional items.
For the Emotions, Moods and Sleep Kit ($159) select the $35 option and then add in the Mood Management Kit $124 in additional items
For the Starter Oils and Moods Kit ($298) select the Essential Collection Smart n Sassy Option $174 and in the additional items add in the Mood Management Kit $124

Optional items you may want to add to your order: Fractionated Coconut Oil $16.50 for making rollers and diluting your oils (highly recommend this).

If you need a diffuser you can also add the Petal diffuser for $58.00

Enter Your Payment Details

I will then be in touch to send you your special welcome pack with information + special goodies

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

DoTerra Wellness Advocate

Alex’s House Cleaning Service


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